Wellness, Health and our modern Lifestyle

Follow the Holistic Wellness approach in life, Blend it within your lifestyle.

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Follow the Holistic Wellness approach in life, Blend it within your lifestyle.


Health is a state of complete physical mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.


Wellness is a multi-dimensional integration and balance of love, intimation, spiritual, physical, emotional, career, intellectual, environmental, social and financial aspects of life. 

Wellness is a broader term than health, but when we talk about Holistic health, the balance of all wellness dimensions is implicated.

In our high demanding modern life, health and Wellness are not in our priority list. Other purposes like higher education, high salary, social status, achievements, financial securities etc. are in primary focus, until the age of 40. Even though symptoms and patterns of various lifestyle and mental disease are getting started as a preparatory stage of setting root, suppressed either by quick symptomatic treatment or the body’s metabolic and hormonal strength. These deep-rooted seeds of disease come out with bad lifestyle choices, and show deterioration outcomes in the late forties or until diagnosis by a physician or investigation. 

Health is a sense of living, a journey in light of “knowledge”, a balance of “Wellness dimensions” and follows it in our daily life with “healthy lifestyle choices”. In our modern world, Medical Services focus on Disease with treatment-oriented techniques and strategy. However, the current medical approach is advantageous and makes the world a safer place by saving lives form acute infections, accidents, or other medical emergencies. In the case of Lifestyle disease, chronic conditions, imbalance of Wellness dimensions, and mental health, quick medical services are not effective in reviving a “Balanced state of health”.

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Factors affecting Health and Wellness

  • Sedentary routines
  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices
  • Continuous stress
  • Unnatural dwellings 
  • Poor dietary habits 
  • Low quality sleep
  • Unresolved mental issues 
  • High exposure to chemicals
  • Neglecting holistic approach for health 
  • Dependency on medication

Everyone can quickly understand that securing your health or staying healthy is much easier than overcoming a disease. Still, it is also crucial that you live a healthy lifestyle to prevent a balanced state instead of diagnosing illness and then running for treatment.

 Knowledge and information are elementary to find in the IT era. In our modern lifestyle, when it comes to our health information it is intended to buy medicines, get online consultation, home delivery of medications, and quick and easy health products. Instead of getting aware of our health and Wellness, Generally, we get trapped in marketing and sales strategy. 

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Mother nature

Changes in modern lifestyle like Information Technology, social media, luxurious habits, high-end medical care, Unnatural living in glass fibre concrete houses. Early life spent focusing on career, job, education, status and success. These changes turned us away from nature, responsible for many imbalances in mind-body-soul harmony.

Moderation is the sense.

Negligence comes with the thought that it is impossible to follow the Holistic Wellness approach of life. Still, one thing is notable that nothing is a hundred per cent healthy or hundred per cent and healthy, but it is a relative term that comes with a sense of moderation.

 For Wellness, moderation is essential to balance every dimension. If you give too much emphasis on one dimension or one part of life, the balance of all will provide better results. Still, it is a relative term that comes with a sense of symmetry between our essential must-do tasks, living in the modern era, stick to our hectic job and still maintain health with behavioural modification and a diet change. It is crucial to have the dedication and a sense of moderation to balance every dimension of holistic health like physical, emotional, financial, social, career, etc. 

 So the concept finally comes. 

Education is the key. 

Discipline is the fuel. 

Consistency is the beat.

Moderation is the sense.

Health is our Supreme wealth and primary asset, and it is requisite to enjoy all kind of investments, status, success and pleasures in life. Best way is

PHASE, Preventive Health Awareness Strategy and Education.



It is good if you are healthy at age 35, 

It is better if you are fit in your 40s

It is best if you are sound in your 50s

It is admirable and exemplary if you are healthy 

    and independent of medicine after 60 years.

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