10 Early Signs of Diabetes or Prediabetes, Children has specific 6 symptoms.

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Elevated sugar levels are widespread nowadays, and the prevalence of diabetes or prediabetes also increases three times in two decades. Still, people are less aware of regularly measuring blood sugar level in our country unless they previously doubt diabetes or high sugar level. Unrecognised high sugar level for silent diabetes can be a significant health problem if ignored, but some common symptoms help you watch, get alert, and go for a sugar check-up.

  1. Frequent urination, you are urinating more frequently than usual, especially at night.
  2. Excessive hunger and thirst give a feel of sudden extreme cravings or eagerly thirst it is a new habit. You can screen it quickly.
  3. Tingling sensation in feet and hands may become numbness with pins and needles, feeling this is an unusual sensation in your feet and palms. You think some excess of stimulation without any reason, twice or more episodes in a day.
  4. Unclear or blurred vision is also seen as a symptom of diabetes because it can significantly affect your vision.
  5. Feeling weak and getting tired quickly, you are not working hard, or long-duration still feel exhausted and want to rest. You can easily recognise that your body stamina is not as good as before, and there is no disease or other reason for this weakness.
  6. Getting frequent skin infections, gum infections, vaginal infections, and wounds remain unhealed, take a long time, especially in your feet and your extremities. Treatments and medicines for injuries and skin infections are not giving response like they usually offer, now takes a long time to heal, these all symptoms can be Red flag suggest you have a higher sugar level.
  7. Unexplained sudden weight loss within a duration of 6 to 3 months also a classic sign of diabetes but in some cases, this sign is missing, and even a few instances are with weight gain also seen with diabetes.
  8. Long term diabetes symptoms can convert into complication if it remains uncontrolled and untreated. 
  9. Diabetes Mellitus can significantly disturb your health by causing life-threatening complications with the cardiovascular system, nervous system, kidney functions, and affecting your vision badly so never ignore diabetes because it can result in severe and deadly complications.

Children and diabetes.

Prevalence of diabetes usually was in age after 40 years until the year 2000, but this has shifted in the last two decades. Now more than 50% of total diabetic patients are under the age of 40, and children are also contributing big part in this number.

Previously, Type 1 Diabetes was mostly a problem in children. Our immune response was responsible for the condition with a combination of genetic and environmental factors. The production of insulin decreases by the pancreas, but this contributes less than 2% of all diabetes cases, including adults.

But in modern, high-tech, luxury living, type 2 diabetes cases are increasing as obesity, and sedentary habits increase in our lives, especially in urban children.

Serious issues arise with diabetes child in late diagnosis because they can develop complications that primarily get a situation like Blurred vision or unhealed wound. Then full screen and investigation uncover the primary cause of these problems outcome maybe diabetes.

Symptoms to watch in your child

  1. The child is getting weight, go for a proper check-up if your child has an uncontrolled or undefined weight gain or loss without any reason.
  2. If the child feels perpetually thirsty and sudden hunger,
  3. If a child makes frequent trips to pee, even in night with very little time between trips,
  4. The child starts bedwetting, even he or she was trained for toilet habits,
  5. Feels excess of tiredness with little play or work feeling lack of energy with no specific reason,
  6. Child’s wounds take a long time to heal or get repeated abscess, boils, and sore, even scratches are also so getting the infection and taking more time to heal.
  7. Gets darker and Dull skin, especially of neck armpit and soft areas,
  8. Causing vision problems and feeling uninterested, especially in the study, play and eating habits, also change.

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