10 Solutions for Sleep Disturbance

How to fix sleep disturbance without medicines

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You can fix sleep issues with healthy lifestyle modifications. Medicines are not required in most cases.

INSOMNIA, A prevalent modern lifestyle problem

            Low sleep quality, including decreased, disturbed, destructed, and complicated sleep patterns, is becoming common in stressful modern lifestyles. It is natural and easy to handle single or a couple of Sleepless night on account of some special event, stressful situation, emotional distress or excitement. 

But if sleeplessness becomes a long-term issue or frequently affects your sleep week over the week, it badly affects your life. You will feel sleepy all over the next day remain confused, lethargic, and irritable. 

In that case, it can be a severe problem for your daily routine concentration work performance, and even your digestion, growth, immunity, overall health and metabolism get badly affected.


            Our lifestyle has so many reasons which can seriously disturb sleep schedules like day-night working, increased stress level, noise pollution, relationship problems or emotional trauma. Many kinds of disease or health issues also severely affect your sleep patterns and duration.

Long-duration use of laptops and high temptations for internet social media on mobile increases blue light exposure and suppresses melatonin levels. Melatonin regulates the sleep cycle; it signals the brain to sleep and awake. Night work shifts can cause circadian clock disturbance, and this will affect our metabolism and hormone system.

Some mental and physical health issues responsible for insomnia are 

  • restless mind, 
  • depression, 
  • anxiety, 
  • hypertension, 
  • family history of sleep apnea, 
  • asthma, 
  • allergy, 
  • sinus, 
  • hyperthyroidism, 
  • Parkinson’s disease, 
  • Arthritis, 
  • prostatitis 
  • neurological diseases, 
  • cardiac problems and 
  • age above 65 years

Females are more affected by insomnia than males due to 

  • puberty, 
  • monthly cycle, 
  • pregnancy, 
  • menopause, 
  • emotional disturbance
  • or other concerns.


                If you have a habit of late-night coffee or alcohol, tobacco, smoking, use mint or work out in the late evening, too much use of mobile after the dinner, working on the laptop before going to bed, and watching TV in the bedroom is a higher risk of sleeplessness.



 short term acute kind of insomnia for one or two days to 1 week, not need any treatment or cause of concern


Is may have a cause of a problem because it gives you low quality and quantity of sleep for one month can badly affect your metabolism performance concentration digestion and memory

3. CHRONIC INSOMNIA can be persistent for more than a month. It can be recurrent 2 x or more episodes in a year, can give serious health issues like obesity hypertension diabetes and Cardiac problems.


Any disturbance from poor sleep to persistent insomnia can give you many kinds of health issues (depending on the level of insomnia you have) like

  • depression 
  • mood swings 
  • low digestion 
  • metabolic changes 
  • poor liver function 
  • poor concentration 
  • low academic performance 
  • weight gain 
  • weak immune system 
  • hypertension 
  • memory loss 
  • low creativity 
  • lack of attention 
  • bad temper 
  • delayed responses 
  • accidents
  • high risk of diabetes type 2, 
  • High blood pressure, 
  • obesity, 
  • low level of testosterone, 
  • low sex drive, 
  • infertility, 
  • poor psychosocial behaviour. 
  • In the case of children, poor growth and development can be health issues complications of insomnia.


Insufficient sleep or persistent insomnia can cause you many health problems depending on the severity of your insomnia. Still, you can improve your sleep quality and quantity by changing your lifestyle, diet, and your sleep-friendly evening schedule and get a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of sleep.

 More than 80% of Insomnia cases don’t require medication they can be e cure by a healthy lifestyle, improved sleep environment, and a quality diet with some herbs.

Better sleep not only overcome your stress, anxiety and depression, but it can also reduce the risk of developing chronic disease. Even better sleep can help you overcome many illnesses and enhance your well-being, brain activity, boost metabolism, digestion and immune system. Better sleep can improve your overall quality of life.

How to improve your sleep quality and duration

  1. Think optimistic about your life, career, and the next day, and all will be fine; overthinking will not help.
  2. Leave your all office and daily stress outside your house. Write down and leave your worries in a note every evening.
  3. Make an easy and consistent evening schedule and go to your bad at fix time this will help improve sleep quality and quantity.
  4. Stop daily and heavy intake of alcohol, smoking, tobacco. If you can’t stop it, keep limit and avoid it, especially in the evening, and avoid coffee in the late part of the day.
  5. Take your dinner a minimum of 2 hours before going to the bedroom. Avoid eating very spicy and fatty meals at dinner.
  6. Leave the TV, mobile, laptop any other gadget at least 60 minutes before your bedtime. Also, limit your daily exposure to blue light or screens.
  7. Exercise regularly in the morning, if not possible, and you have to do it in the evening and then do it at least 4 hours before bedtime.
  8. Practice yoga, meditation for stress management and chanting of suitable Mantras daily to get spiritual support.
  9. The practice of taking a glass of milk with 2 or 3 almonds, approximately 30 minutes before your bed will improve sleep.
  10. You can use many herbs to reduce stress and anxiety; they also soothe your nervous system and induce sleep without any side effects. Some are Bahrami, jatamansi, shankhpushpi, ashwagandha, Vacha, and sarpgandha. (Must consult a psychologist for any unresolved mental health issues)

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