Liver problems are more than just indigestion


Poor digestion is only an indicator

You take care of your liver so that it can take care of all your health issues. Digestion issues are a small part of liver problems that appears like an indicator of lousy liver health.

What liver does for you?

  1. The liver works like the headquarter of all metabolic processes. 
  2. It is the most significant gland in the body that performs more than 500 meaningful activities like fat, protein, carbohydrate metabolism, process food, produce blood-clotting factors, and produce various kinds of proteins. 
  3. It also converts molecules, metabolises medicines, toxins, detoxifies the blood, regulates mineral metabolism, excretes ammonia. 
  4. It also stores fat converts excess glucose into fat and protein as per the body’s requirement, 
  5. It helps the body control and metabolises vitamins, and much more. 
  6. Many more

The liver is a MultiTasker super organ that performs many essential tasks.

What do you do to the liver?

  1. Excess alcohol daily increases the liver’s workload by alcohol excretion; it can cause inflammation in liver scarring and cirrhosis if not controlled.
  2. We eat pesticides toxins and are exposed to harmful chemicals like insecticides, aerosol sprays, refined sugar oils and drinks.
  3. Living a sedentary Lifestyle which causes fatty liver, reduces the ability and stamina of the liver to handle the fat metabolic load it causes obesity or non-alcoholic fatty liver.
  4. Careless exposure to the virus, bacteria, and parasites by foods, clothes, toothbrushes, sharing needles and unprotected sex.
  5. Sedentary luxurious lifestyle causes Diabetes and cholesterol, and they increase the work of the liver.
  6. Smoking spoils body with approx 4000 toxic chemicals. These harmful toxins can badly affect liver function, also increase liver workload to excrete them out of the body.
  7. Multiple sexual partners and unprotected sex can increase STD, hepatitis, and HIV, which is harmful to the liver.
  8. Consuming too much sodium, salt, fast food, and harmful refined sugar can increase the liver’s workload gets a condition of fatty liver or cardiovascular disease, which may ultimately affect liver function and anatomy badly.
  9. Insomnia, anxiety, depression can lower your liver function and work properly; it also affects overall health.
  10. Overuse of medicines like steroids, pain killers, cardiovascular drugs, antimalarials, antibiotics, and even Paracetamol can cause serious harm to your liver.
  11. As an Indian, our genetic structure is also the most significant factor in getting “Syndrome-X”, a deadly combination of obesity, cardiac and liver problems.

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Common liver problems

  • Indigestion
  • Hepatitis
  • Fatty liver
  • Cirrhosis
  • Cancer
  • Liver failure
  • Genetic disorder and
  • Syndrome X

Common sign and symptoms of liver disease

  • Low appetite
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Continuous gastric discomfort and abdominal pain
  • Low stamina and fatigue
  • Inflammation or swelling in ankles and leg
  • Yellow, dark urine
  • Yellow discolouration of skin nail and Eyes
  • Itching swelling urticaria or skin allergy
  • Dark grey black, bloody stools
  • Sudden loss or gain of weight

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How to cure liver problems

  1. Stay away or at least control your alcohol intake; you can change your habit of taking alcohol by replacing alcohol with fresh juices, spicy mattha, lemon drink, or coconut water.
  2. Stop smoking and tobacco use.
  3. Get proper sleep to manage your stress.
  4. Check your salt sodium and sugar intake.
  5. Take healthy food with natural, nutritious less amount of chemicals.
  6. Practice yoga and meditation will help you to overcome stress and Boost Your metabolic rate. Heal Your liver from any disturbance.
  7. Avoid exposure to pollution, toxins, and chemicals take appropriate measures to deal with pollution and poison.
  8. Do not take unwanted medicines; only take drugs when needed and under proper expert advice. Instead of antibiotics and other harmful drugs try to get Ayurveda and homoeopathy Treatment for common health issues. Use modern only in severe conditions or emergencies and be prescribed by a registered doctor with proper investigation and culture test.

Good for liver

  • Use raisins, munakka, grapes, guava, turmeric, punarnava, Anvla, Omega 3 fatty acid, natural oil, olive oil, sarson oil.

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