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Wellness is a multidimensional integration and balance of love, intimation, spiritual, physical, emotional, career, intellectual, environmental, social, and financial aspects. 

Where is “Health is a state of complete physical mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”, Health definition according to WHO (World health organization).

Wellness is a broader term than health, but when we talk about Holistic health, the balance of all wellness dimensions is implicated.

Ignored Risk and Negligence

Stay healthy or prevent a balanced state is much easier than overcome a disease or run for treatment, which can be achieved by health education and lifestyle modification. Knowledge and information are simple to find in the Information Technology era. Still, in the digital ecosystem, we are generally inclined, influenced by sales and marketing strategy of quick and easy symptomatic and treatment-oriented online consultation and home delivery of medicines.

All the modern, quick treatment approach with new generation medicines and techniques is advantageous. It makes this world a safer place by saving many lives in acute infections, accidental injuries, and Critical Care of serious medical emergencies. 

For Holistic and Preventive approach to maintaining and optimize health, it is essential to understand the physical and mental constitutionbalances, and imbalances of all dimensions of wellness, lifestyle choices, deficiencies, diseases and various other factors. A combination of these factors helps find and cure the underlying cause of health problem, especially for Lifestyle disease, chronic conditions, and mental health issues. 

Prevalence of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, cholesterol, cancer, and stroke increases year after year at a higher speed than expected. Lack of awarenessshortage of health education, and negligence is the primary cause of this exponential rise of lifestyle diseases.

In our high demanding modern life, higher education, achievements, high social status, financial securities are primary concern until the age of 40 years or until the diagnosis of disease. Even though some visible symptoms and patterns of illness, especially lifestyle and mental issues, which are setting root deeply, are ignored with an unrealistic misconception and negligence that lifestyle diseases are a concern of later age.

General negligence and beliefs-

  • You don’t have any health issues until diagnosed by a physician or investigation,
  • A medicine box in your hands will solve all problems, and you can dance with that,
  • Buying a good health insurance plan will protect your health,
  • Quick symptomatic treatment can cure the primary cause of a health issue,
  • 10 to 15 days of hospital stay will rebalance your state of health,
  • Lifestyle diseases are the concern of later age can’t deal earlier,
  • I have to depend on medicines or hospitals to stay fit and healthy, especially at old age.

Factors affect health –

  1. Lack of Health Awareness and Education
  2. Poor health practices in early life
  3. Sedentary routines 
  4. Unhealthy lifestyle choices
  5. Lack of physical exercise
  6. Continuous unmanaged stress
  7. Unnatural dwellings 
  8. Undernutrition or overnutrition 
  9. Low quality sleep
  10. Unresolved mental issues 
  11. Emotional trauma and abuses
  12. Low immunity
  13. Addictions to alcohol, smoking, or drugs
  14. Unprotected sex
  15. High exposure to chemicals or dyes
  16. Overexposure to pollution
  17. Quick and self-medication
  18. Dependency on medication

Check your Lifestyle choices and Health risks

The above factors are equally harmful to health irrespective of age. Prevalence is higher in older age because accumulation and duration of exposures are higher, and recovery is slow due to weak hormones and metabolism. This unrealistic barrier of age for the prevalence of lifestyle and mental health issues also shifting towards the younger generation. It shows that Health education remarkably significant at an early age to avoid any disastrous health consequences in future life.

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“It is good if you are healthy in your thirties,

 It’s better when you are healthy in your forties,

 It’s best when you are healthy in your fifties,

 It’s admirable if you are healthy and independent of medicine after 60 years”.

Health education and awareness early are the best strategy to get above positive impact and enjoy all kinds of wealth, luxuries, status, success, and pleasures in life. Investment in health education at an early age will give the best returns in later life.” 

So start from today, it’s never late to take a step for a better life.

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