Don’t ignore neck pain, 12 Ways to improve it.

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Neck, it looks small but deals big.

 Our neck is one of few parts of the body in a continuous state of work approx 24*7. Neck hold, move, and balance our head’s weight, from morning to evening and even after we get into our bed in the night, the neck has to deal with pressuremovement and strained, even when we sleep.

Complex structure and functions

Neck anatomy and physiology are complex. It consists of several bones, joints, vertebrates, nerves, muscles, and give a base to our head. Head move, work, turn all over the clock like when you eat, band, sit, walk, talk, love, drive or even use laptop or mobile, neck gives pillar and excels to head and assist all actions, also helps to balance your body.

Support an ample supply of nerves

Apart from the activities mentioned above, the neck region has a great network and supply of nervous for hands, shoulders, and face, which are very sensitive and responsible for performing many functions. Any serious issue with your neck can disturb your life badly, like compressed nerves by injury or degeneration of vertebrae due to lack of calcium, osteoporosis, or infection, can cause severe pain, functional abnormalities and low quality of life.

Prolong persisting factors can cause severe and chronic problems like numbness, weakness in arms and quiet strength, and radiating pain to your arm and head. Sometimes when nerves get compressed because of any deformity, you can feel swelling in the neck, vomiting, lump inside your throat, inability to move your neck, blurred vision, and severe head pain.

Commonly neglected factors

Problems arose when we neglect factors affecting our neck, like

  • Wrong pasture at the work desk, 
  • Prolong sitting on the chair, 
  • Weakness due to acute infections like COVID19,
  • Damaged protein metabolism,
  • Muscle strain due to bad posture,
  • Lack of regular physical activity,
  • Addiction to smoking, tobacco,
  • Prolong laptop work,
  • Bad Sleep posture, 
  • Overuse of mobile,
  • Using a big pillow,
  • Low-quality bed mattress,
  • Injuries, jerks or trauma can compressed nerves,
  • Calcium or Vitamin D3 deficiency,
  • Lack of sleep or disturbed sleep,
  • High-stress levels or anxiety, 
  • Frequent Infections (respiratory, ENT, pyrexia, viral infection)

Chronic conditions

Some chronic infections, autoimmune conditions can also a reason for severe neck pain, restricted motion, bone degeneration, nerve compression, and deformity (In case of persistent neck pain more than 6 months).

  • Untreated or uncontrolled tuberculosis infection,
  • Osteoporosis or prolong lack of calcium,
  • Cervical and spinal stenosis,
  • Infections of Osteomellitus,
  • Arthritis or inflammation in joints,
  • Cervical Spondylitis,
  • Thyroid problems,
  • Meningitis (infections or inflammation brain),
  • Fibromyalgia (muscles inflammation, and pain), 
  • Some cancers.


Precautions and cure are urgent if you have a persistent, significant neck problem, don’t ignore your neck pain.

Get proper investigations to identify the cause of the recurring problem.

  • X-ray, 
  • MRI, 
  • Blood test, 
  • CT Scan, 
  • Spinal fluid examination,

Lifestyle and Behavioural Modifications

  1. Take a healthy diet with adequate calciumvitamin D3 and other micronutrients. (Read the article, osteoporosis)
  2. Avoid high salt and sodium diet. (Read the article, Don’t blame salt)
  3. Stop alcohol intake or limit your alcohol intake.
  4. Avoid smoking; it can interfere badly with your calcium metabolism and give you many health issues.
  5. Exercise regularly with 5 to 10 minutes of a proper warm-up, aerobics, or cardio.
  6. Practice yoga and stretching regularly to maintain the flexibility and strength of your neck muscles.
  7. Get a gentle head and neck massage to overcome stress and day to day tiredness.
  8. Use a firm mattress, and sleep in a good position, use a small pillow.
  9. Adjust your chair, and if, you use it for a long duration in your office always get good quality with firm posture support. (read the article, Prolong sitting)
  10. Stop bending, stooping, hanging heavy bags in your day to day commute or doing any other task.
  11. Avoid talking long duration calls on mobile holding between ear and shoulder and use hands-free when you have to speak more than 5 minutes.
  12. Take a small break after 60 minutes of sitting and working and walk for 60 steps, stretch and relax your muscles in 5 minutes break, together with this you also have to stretch and walk for 10 minutes after every 3 hours of work.
  13. Lift weights in your workout session to improve muscle strength, joints’ flexibility, and density of bones. This will be also helpful in increasing stamina of neck muscles and joints.

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