Understand and Accept the change


Understand and Accept the change

A report of WHO and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, reported an increase in non-communicable disease’s contribution in hampering the quality of life of the population, disabilities and even increasing the mortality rate. 

Data Figure for estimated deaths due to non-communicable or lifestyle disease nearly doubled in 2016 compared to 1990 was 37% of total mortality, and now it is 61% for India.  

The UN agency, WHO has issued a warning to many countries including India to alert against the increasing predominance of lifestyle diseases in which diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems and cancers will be the primary cause of death, disabilities, and low life quality. 

The global population has been under the effect of disease pattern transition in the last three decades. It is a Rapid shift prevalence from infectious disease to the non-communicable disease, also known as a Lifestyle disease.

Infectious disease epidemics and pandemics were a common cause of health emergencies and mortalities. They claimed many lives in the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th centuries because of lack of awareness of prevention, less developed healthcare services, limited research and less effective antibiotics available at that time.


With the advancement of technology, better research, expanded surveillance, early diagnosis, and more effective health Services infectious disease epidemics and pandemics have been controlled, and organisations can now overcome emergencies related to most known bacterias, Viruses and other infections. 

Medical science with advanced research is armed with vaccines and antibiotics to prevent outbreaks. Improved medicines and technology provide fast and effective latest Medical health care services, research, vaccines, and advanced antibiotics to humankind. 

Most contagious or infectious diseases have excellent treatment and management with effective high-level Medications, antibiotics and hospital care when required. Infectious diseases typically have a treatment time of 5 to 15 days like pneumonia, Cholera, Malaria, dengue, UTI, RTI, git, meningitis, and many others.

Some may require a longer duration of treatment and care like tuberculosis, leprosy. New viruses and bacteria’s terrifying pattern of a pandemic is a cause of worry for Healthcare world and pharmaceutical industries. Still, our scientists are continuously researching solutions and finding a cure. 


Besides above positive healthcare advancements, modernisation and technology change our lives with insufficient physical activities, luxuries, quick-easy food, unnatural living, stressful work schedules etc. which make new era populations prone to the various non-communicable lifestyle diseases. 

Last 30 years changed our world entirely with the development and urbanisation. Modern lifestyle has also changed the pattern of disease from communicable (infectious) diseases to non-communicable conditions. Lifestyle diseases like obesity, cholesterol, insomnia, hypertension, depression, mental health, cardiovascular problems, asthma, diabetes type 2, osteoporosis, allergies, infertility, cancer, stroke, liver cirrhosis, kidney disorders caused more than 70% of all deaths globally and more than 61% of total death in India (WHO, 2016 data).


Our healthcare system is still treatment-oriented, but you can’t cure non-communicable diseases by buying a specific treatment or Hospital care like infectious diseases. Non-communicable diseases are chronic, have prolonged duration incubation or exposure to the wrong choice, bad habit, bad food, and unhealthy environmental factors. 

These factors finally, spoil your health with late expression, manifestation, and Lifestyle disease diagnosis. No specific medicines, a typical line of treatment or hospital care, can quickly cure lifestyle conditions. 

The best and perfect solution is PHASE, Preventive Health Awareness Strategies and Education. PHASE approach improves your quality of life, helps you avoid any complications of lifestyle issues, and helps you overcome with help of behaviour modifications, diet change, and AYUSH medications.


WHO covid19 dashboard data represent total infection cases crossing the mark of 142 million patients, with more than 3.026 million lives lost globally. Most noteworthy in COVID19 disorders, deaths and severe hospitalisation are associated with lifestyle diseases like cardiovascular, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, cancers and other chronic medical conditions. 

So chronic lifestyle diseases are badly affecting our quality of life, longevity, Immune and metabolic response mechanism, which increases the risk of getting an infection, hospitalisation, and death due to acute illness or infections. 

Still, one thing is evident in the 2020 pandemic of covid-19 that “immunity and balance of health state is a new gold” in the Healthcare sector and services. 


Modern medicine is the best choice for emergency health situations. Still, when it comes to non-communicable diseases, AYUSH has a proper solution with complete holistic preventive measures, seasonal lifestyle guidelines, and a diet change in ancient Sutras. It also doesn’t cause side effects and resistance problems.

Modern medicines are getting resistant to bacterias and viruses with time and their high doses, overuse, long term use, misuse, and combinations that give side effects that can give health issues. Furthermore, some of them can seriously damage the liver, kidney, digestion, bone marrow, and body’s immune response. 

AYUSH system guidelines, medicines and holistic care are best for healthy living. More you practice, and follow AYUSH, the more you are living a vibrant life.

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