25 Best Techniques, Attaining happiness in modern lifestyle

Most of the time, our perception of happiness is not correct, and we don't have a proper understanding which becomes the leading cause of sadness.

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Happiness, An ultimate search

Everyone is running, hurrying, endeavouring, and has the deepest desire to find happiness. People are studying, getting a job, achieving success, buying costly and classy kinds of stuff, marrying a beautiful partner, and dreaming for a fascinating life with happiness. Still, you have to differentiate what gives you real pleasure or give glittering, slippery sand, not a type of sustainable happiness.

For simple understanding, happiness is a positive mental and emotional state ranging from acceptable to intense Joy. It is a sense of well-being, satisfaction, safety, pleasure, joy, pride, success, health, luck, love, complete, and worth.

Many times there are such moments or days in life, where you feel sad and emotionally distorted. Most of the time, our perception of happiness is not correct, and we don’t have a proper understanding which becomes the leading cause of sadness.

25 Techniques for attaining a happy state of mind

  1. Take care of yourself, means love yourself more than any other thing or person, Know your worth and always try to increase your worth invest in yourself,
  2. Make a good understanding and Keep your relationship happy and blissful with your family and friends, especially with your spouse and family. Give space for everyone.
  3. Get a pet; a dog is the best pet that can make you happy; it is a proven fact that pets increase happiness levels.
  4. Don’t expect from people. Expectation can hurt you hard. Also, don’t insist anyone stay with you, no matter how important he is if he doesn’t want to be with you then let them go,
  5. Get busy in a job, hobby, play, yoga, club, exercise, or exploring nature, Start learning new things or skills. Do something creative that will increase your confidence.
  6. Never compare yourself with others; you are unique. Everyone has different circumstances, positions and purposes. 
  7. Ignore negative people and their behaviour. Don’t say bad words to them or others ignore them if you don’t like them.
  8. Get happy friends and Groups who enjoy happiness. They should be down to earth and simple,
  9. Believe that in bad times, still there is something to feel happy. Give yourself a reason to get a natural smile and laugh or gain exposure to real happiness. Play with kids, watch them, and feel how they learn and respond to every kind of stimuli. 
  10. Intimate someone and spend some time with someone who loves you, and you also like his company, Always save space and time for people who are close to your heart.
  11. Accept those things are a fact or unchangeable. Also, check various factors that can make you unhappy; many of them you can’t change and worrying will not help. So better leave them.
  12. Volunteer to help someone in need. You can also do some social service once a month to feel real happiness.
  13. Take a 10-minute walk every time you feel very negative and think positively or not withdraw your mind from negative things and start counting your every step.
  14. Make a fair target to change your bad or negative habits, especially for your anger and body weight to get a more attractive personality. Don’t set a short goal or obsessive to quick change. You can set intermediate targets of 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, this will help to review targets and help achieve your long-term goal.
  15. Exploring nature gives us a support and fightback mechanism against stress, emotional turmoil, negativity, or other mental issues. Go for a nature walk, plantation, hiking, nature photoshoot, or any other activity you like to do in natural places, weekly or monthly. Also, get 2 to 10 minutes of morning sunlight, it can boost your mood by the secretion of “serotonin” in your body,
  16. Laugh loudly with natural stimulants, spend time with friends, go for a walk, dance, exercise, meditation, yoga, or playing some outdoor games with friends.
  17. Exercise for a minimum of 35 to 40 minutes daily increases “endorphins” and “serotonin”, feel-good chemical neurotrophins that improve positivity and serotonin responsible for the excellent mood. Exercise also decreases “dopamine” which is called a lousy chemical or stress chemical. Many studies prove that “exercise” and “antidepressants” similarly affect the brain and neurons, but exercise has no side effects.
  18. Do not hesitate to get a psychologist help appointment because it is necessary to get help. The condition of disease is either a physical type of illness or mental health issues.
  19. Don’t get trapped by “consumer therapy” or “shopping therapy”, It will give you short term happiness and satisfaction. Believing that buying “expensive clothes and luxury” can bestow joy or pleasure for a long-duration is not valid. It can cause financial problems or disturb financial planning which causes a new type of issues to handle.
  20. Don’t start to “eat” various kinds of fast food to feel happy like chocolates, candies, burgers, pizza, cookies, and cold drinks that can make you overweight and that ultimately a new reason to cause grief and take you away from happiness.
  21.  Take essential vitamin and micronutrient supplements like calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, vitamin A, E, D, B, and C daily or weekly. Reduced hormone-related mood swings and sadness, especially in the case of adolescent girls or women.
  22. Watch your BRAC (basic rate activity cycle) that can change your mood from every 90 minutes to 120 minutes. People mostly are in a good mood around 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. that is the earlier part of the day and feel low at 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. that is later half of the day. 
  23. Note that when you feel a sudden negative change in your mood, you can manage it with sleep, slow walk, music, and dancing for any other activity you like to do, again in early morning 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. mood may become negative. Proper 7 to 8 hours of sleep with healthy nutrition is beneficial to avoid this variation.
  24. You have to check the medicines you are taking, like steroids, antihypertensive, cardiac prescription, thyroid, and diabetic medication, can disturb your mood and happiness.
  25. Excess intake of alcohol, caffeine, and tea can also disturb your mood. Smoking and tobacco leave a thousand types of toxins in which more than 500 are known carcinogens, they can also disturb your normal state of metabolism and happiness.

Special precautions

  •  When you disturbed, disappointed, stressed, tired, lonely, bored, empty, or emotionally unstable. Your mind can trigger you to find a way to feel better.” Eating” is the most straightforward activity. Eating is most desirable to overcome the above issues, and tasty fast food you get quickly or available everywhere is generally “unhealthy”
  • Still, it won’t help you for long. You will regret and feel guilty after overeating or taking unhealthy kinds of food. It also increases obesity with many health complications and finally makes you unhappy, breaking this “support cycle”.
  • The solution is “only eat” when you feel really “hungry” or at fixed “mealtime”. Ask yourself “is that your appetite real”, make a mobile schedule, reminders, alarms, of your timings to take breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks, dinner, and supper. 
  • You have to make a list of “20” healthy “non-eating habits or activities” you like to do when you have a false sense or temptation to eat something triggered by negative feelings or emotions.
  • Also, make a list of “10” healthy “eating habits or activities” you love. When you feel an unnecessary craving or uncontrolled desire to eat something, prefer any of non-eating activity to involve ignoring food desire first or choose any of healthy eating if you can’t avoid your hunger finally.
  • Also, have a caution to use the internet, social media, and technology to replace your bad mood. It can make you addicted or dependent as a safe house; this is also not good for your physical-mental health and causes many health issues.
  • Never get into addiction or dependence, alcohol, smoking, tobacco, or any other kind of illegal drug to improve your mood as the solution to your bad temper. It can also cause many physical and mental health problems.

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